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Photo Blocks

Shop Photo Blocks - Transform memories into art with photo blocks! Sleek, durable, perfect for any decor, make your moments last forever. Discover our range of photo blocks today!

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Wooden Photo Blocks

These days, we’ve all got phones full of thousands of precious photos - but how often do we turn those photos into real life pictures that we can enjoy every day? It’s time to transform your digital photos into beautiful artwork and get it displayed in a space so you can really make the most of your best-loved memories.

At The Personalised Gift Shop, you’ll find a huge selection of photo gifts, from custom photo frames and printed photo gifts, to bespoke clocks, coasters, puzzles, ornaments and so much more. But one of our most unique photo-inspired presents has got to be our wooden photo blocks!

Photo Prints On Wood Blocks

Our personalised wooden photo blocks use cutting edge technology to enable photo printing on timber. The end result is an incredible custom wood block print, which really brings beautiful photos to life.

We stock our wooden photo blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can choose from. You’ll easily find the best shape and size for the photo you have in mind.

Photo block printing is a great way to create a truly one of a kind gift. Recently we’ve created wood photo prints for all kinds of different occasions. Our personalised wooden photo blocks are a lovely way of displaying cherished wedding photographs; their unique style really allows these images to shine.

We’ve created a huge number of wedding photo gifts, with both brides and grooms coming to us to create their own memory blocks, and wedding guests asking us to design memory blocks for the special couple whose celebrations they’ve just attended. We’ve also seen many requests for honeymoon photos, with creations of beautiful beach scenes, world-famous landmarks and stunning snowy adventures all being printed by our team.

Our square wooden photo blocks are the perfect way to show off those much-loved family photos. If you’re looking for something unique but still want to keep it personal, our photo products certainly fit the bill. Choose one of your favourite snaps of your family and turn it into a beautiful work of art that you can proudly display anywhere in your home. You could even create a gallery of wooden photo blocks featuring different family members, and let’s not forget pets too! Take a look at our range of wooden photo blocks and think about what you could create. The choices really are endless.

Custom wooden photo blocks are always popular during the festive season, and we’ve seen plenty of stunning Christmas designs go out to customers. Create your own bespoke Christmas decoration using a family snap from previous seasonal gatherings or use our wooden photo blocks to display a celebratory scene that sums up the festivities for you.

Photo blocks make great Christmas presents for all the family, so if you’re not sure what to buy that certain someone, why not create a custom photo block featuring a favourite photo of your both - you’ll definitely make their day.

You could design a photo block using a family portrait for mum, create a wooden photo block for dad using pictures of him enjoying his favourite hobbies, or design a romantic photo block for your partner. Photo blocks are also popular with grandparents - especially if they feature images of their treasured grandchildren!

Photo Blocks Printed In Australia

Turn your digital imagery into real life photo prints on wood blocks, and prepare to be astounded at the results. Choose any photo you like and create your own bespoke piece in just a couple of clicks. It’s never been easier to create your own photo gift, so why not see what you could make today. Take a look at our range of photo blocks to get started. We have been lovingly creating and delivering photo blocks Australia wide since 2014.


Create Photo Blocks Online

Photo blocks are a great way to display your photos. In a few easy clicks you can upload and print photos on wood blocks and display them in your home or office. We use solid pine and offer a range of free standing sizes to choose from. We recommend using photo blocks as part of a gallery wall or displaying them on shelves.

Wood block photo prints make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, new parents and more. You can personalise photo blocks online, visit our fabulous range here.

How To Create Your Photo Block

Here at The Personalised Gift Shop we have made printing your photos on wooden photo blocks quick and easy. Below are a few simple steps to help you create the best photo blocks.

1. Use high-quality photos: The quality of your photo block will depend on the quality of the photo you use. Photos on wood blocks are give the best results when a high-resolution image has been upload.

2. Consider the ratio of your photo: When you print your photo on wood block, consider the ratio of your photo. The most common ratios are 4:3 and 3:2. Choose the size photo block that best fits the ratio of your photo, this will help avoid any cropping.

3. Choose the right size photo block: The size of the photo block you choose will depend on the size of your photo and the amount of space you have to display it. We offer a range of free standing sizes to choose from.

Some Common Questions About Our Photo Blocks

How do I print my photo on a wood block?

Simply select the size of wood block you’d like to print it on and upload your high-resolution image using our live preview feature. Make any last minute adjustments and then add to cart.

What kind of wood do you use for the photo blocks?

We use solid pine for our photo blocks. Only the real deal, no laminates or veneer.

Do you offer different sizes of wood blocks?

Yes, we offer a range of free standing sizes to choose from.

Can I print any photo on the wood blocks?

Yes, you can print any photo on the wood blocks. We recommend using high-resolution photos for the best results.

How long does it take to print my photos on wood blocks?

Once you have uploaded your photo, it will typically take us 1-2 business days to print your photos on wood blocks. You can contact us or check the estimated date for delivery on the products page prior to making your order.

Personalised photo blocks are a great way to display your photos and make great gifts for loved ones. You can print any photo or artwork on the wood block so get creative. Follow the simple steps above to create your own wooden photo blocks. If you have any questions, please contact us we’re always happy to help.