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Grouse Personalised Shot Glasses

Grouse Personalised Shot Glasses

Horse Personalised Shot Glasses

Horse Personalised Shot Glasses

Grouse Personalised Shot Glass Set


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The ideal gift for someone who hits the ground running? This personalised set of two grouse shot glasses!

They’re a nature lover. Can’t wait to be roaming outdoors, darting and swooping from one picturesque spot to the next. And their feathers get pretty ruffled if they can’t enjoy the freedom and tranquillity of the wild. Looking for an ideal gift for such an individual?
This set of personalised grouse shot glasses is a gift that’s sure to please. Careful attention has been paid to capturing the charm of these wild roamers in durable, solid pewter that will happily embrace years of use. A beautiful gift that might just get you invited along on their next adventure!
Personalise the presentation box with a name and meaningful message of your choice printed in black.


Items: Set of 2 shot glasses
Capacity: 40ml
Material: Solid Pewter, Glass
Shot Glass Dimensions: 9.5cm x 5cm (approx)
Personalisation: Black Print; Box lid
Care Instructions: Hand-wash only


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