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Personalised 21st Present Ideas

Turning 21 is a milestone birthday, 7670 days later they are finally welcomed into adulthood!
We want to find them the perfect present, something meaningful they will hold onto and treasure long after the celebrations. After all turning the BIG TWO ONE only happens once. Finding the best 21st present ideas is never easy, infact its darn right difficult. They are now independent and have all the necessities. Just what do you get someone for a 21st birthday?
If you are needing some inspiration and some great 21st present ideas then we have some suggestion that are guaranteed to help.

This is where personalisation really shines through. You can quickly create a memorable 21st present just for them, one which shows just how much thought you have given, browse through our exclusive curated collections, it is really easy, you can personalise our products with photos, names, initials, an age or date or a special message of your choice. Let your inner creative flair loose.


21st Present Ideas Female

Finding a meaningful present is never easy, especially when it comes to a 21st birthday gift for her. If you are looking for some unique 21st present ideas for her and are lost for thought then we are here to help!
We have an exclusive range of unique present ideas that can be personalised by you just for her. Browse our collection of 21st birthday presents, we have something for all tastes and budgets.


Personalised Jewellery Box

The young lady is about to turn 21 and we are certain she is starting to build up her collection of treasures. This super personal jewellery box makes a heartfelt present that will last a lifetime. Personalised with a special message from you right inside the heart of the jewellery box, this one of a kind present will make a big impression.

21st present ideas


Personalised Candle

Let’s be honest! What girl does not like candles. Ignite her flame with this crystal and pewter hand painted candle. This rather unique candle comes beautifully presented in its own box that is personalised by you just for her making it a popular 21st present idea for her special day.

21st present ideas for female


Silver Keepsake Heart Box

This heart warming gift will let her know how much she means to you on her big day! Personalised with her name, a message and a year. This heart shaped trinket box is a wonderful 21st gift idea for her and makes for an unforgettable gift.

21st present ideas for her


Personalised Cocktail Shaker

Get the birthday girl shaking with a personalised cocktail shaker. This fun gift idea can be personalised by you just for her, this meaningful yet useful present will serve as a reminder of her special day, long after the alcohol has worn off.

21st Cocktail Shaker


Photo Clock

Have you captured a memorable moment together or do you have an archive of funny photos of her? It’s time to open up your gallery and go hunting for photos to display on this unique wall clock. This unique present is guaranteed to make her smile.

21st Photo Clock


21st Present Ideas Male

Once a boy now a young man!
We know how difficult it can be to find a suitable gift to celebrate his transition into adulthood, but with a little helping hand from our gift experts we have some popular 21st present ideas for him.
Make sure you browse through our curated collection of 21st birthday presents, we have something suitable for all young men catering for all tastes and budgets, and the best part is our gifts are created by you just for him, so make something sentimental, touching, funny or even naughty… the choice is yours!


Personalised Pocket Watch

Every young man deserves a timeless present on their 21st birthday!
A mechanical pocket watch is a traditional gift idea any gentleman would love to receive. Personalised by you especially for the occasion, this memorable timepiece will show just how much he means to you.

21st Pocket Watch


Personalised Beer Glass

There is something special about drinking a pint from your very own custom pint glass. This ideal 21st birthday present will be used time and time again long after the celebration and will serve as a wonderful reminder of their 21st birthday. We have an exclusive range of beer glasses that can be personalised by you, making them extra special and one of a kind!

It’s time for you to get the rounds in...

21st Beer Glass


Personalised Bottle Opener

It is no secret that some 21st birthday parties entail a night full of antics fueled by drinks!
So this is a handy little gift to compliment the celebration, personalised especially for him this practical gift will make him smile and quench his thirst.

21st Bottle Opener


Photo Gifts

After 7670 days of living on this planet there has to be a few magical moments that have been caught on camera.
Photo gifts are the best way to display those memories. In our collection of photo gifts you will find, mugs, plates, puzzles, mouse pads, ornaments and many more unique 21st present ideas for him. Photo gifts allow you to display those priceless moments that will put a smile on his face. Don’t keep them hidden in the cloud bring them to life!


Our curated collection of 21st birthday present ideas are all exclusive to The Personalised Gift Shop. If you are still looking for more great ideas make sure you check out How To Create the Perfect Personalised Birthday Gift.


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