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Sharp Skills 4pc Stainless Knife Set

Sharp Skills 4pc Stainless Knife Set

Unique 4pc Stainless Knife Set

Unique 4pc Stainless Knife Set

Fleur-de-lis 4pc Stainless Knife Set


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Honour a special family in a unique way.

What better way to celebrate family than with a personalised knife set featuring the traditional Fleur-de-lis crest. Practical and sentimental, four stainless steel knives are set within a quality wooden block engraved with a family name and title of your choice.

Ideal for all occasions, this is the perfect gesture to show a special family how highly you think of them.


Materials: Stainless Steel, Wood

Personalisation: Engraved

Dimensions: (knife block 15.5cm x 14cm), (8.5cm vegetable knife), (12cm serrated utility knife), (12cm santoku knife) and (15cm chef's knife)

Features: Set includes a wooden knife block and four knives - vegetable knife, serrated utility knife, santoku knife and chef's knife. Knife handles are seamlessly fused to the blades to keep the knives free from dirt or bacterial build up. Cutlery pieces included are ideal for daily food preparation

Care Instructions: Hand-wash and dry thoroughly


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