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Any Occasion 570ml Personalised Beer Glass

Any Occasion 570ml Personalised Beer Glass

The Best Dad's Engraved 570ml Pint Glass

The Best Dad's Engraved 570ml Pint Glass

Moustache 570ml Personalised Pint Glass


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For the man who proudly dons the furry lip, this pint glass is for them. Personalise and share it with someone who just can't let go of the 'tache'.

For the furry friend, relative or loved one, who just can't resist a nice cold beverage; this one's for them. The Moustache A Personalised Pint Glass is a lovingly engraved design.

Tell someone they are the best and make them laugh or smile with every beverage.

This unique gift is suitable for all events and occasions, including weddings, birthdays, engagements and more.

Please note: Our Pint Glasses are handblown. They are therefore subject to imperfections such as air bubbles, slightly asymmetrical form and tool marks.
These irregularities reveal that a skilled human hand produced the glassware, rather than a mass producing machine. This is the character of hand blown glass which makes it that little bit more unique.

Material: Glass
Dimensions: 16.0cm x 7.8cm
Capacity: 1 Pint | 570ml
Personalisation: Etched
Care Instructions: Hand-wash only


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